Summer in Vingst

Kerim works at a Kiosk and seeks a training position.
Sascha is a trained auto journeyman and needs work.
Mahmut goes through training at the post office but is not offered a position.
Mustafa considers quitting the training assigned by the Federal Employment Office.
It is summer. Summer in Vingst.

All summer long, the documentary accompanies a group of friends in a suburb of Cologne.


International Documentary Film Festival Munich
4Film Festival in Bolzano, Bozen


Writer, Director, Director of Photography: Judith Malek-Mahdavi
Sound: Kerstin Jost, Anja Theismann
Herstellungsleitung: Nathalie Lambsdorff
Assistentin der Herstellungsleitung: Katharina Engel
Dramatic Advisor: Raimund Barthelmes
Editor: Judith Malek-Mahdavi
Music: Oliver Thiede
Mixer: Gerhard Auer

A production of the University for Television and Film Munich HFF 2004

Production Notes

Country: Germany
Year: 2004
Format: DV and Digi-Beta, B&W
Running Time: 52 minutes